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General Dymanics is a Fortune 100 company and has been serving the US government for over 50 years providing the military and Department of Defense with mission critical devices and technologies. GDIT is one of four business units within General Dynamics’ Information Systems & Technology group, the largest and fastest growing group within General Dynamics.


GDIT wanted to position themselves as leading providers of Military Healthcare IT. This was a new vertical market for them and they needed to ensure their ad campaigns were being presented to interested and relevant prospects.


MediaWorks created a Tag Target Marketing (TTM) campaign around GDIT’s new Military Healthcare IT brand push. We created the site to attract targeted prospects, tagging them for future advertising of the GDIT brand. Prospects were tagged not only through GDIT’s site but also through sponsorship sites as well. GDIT viewed this campaign push as the most successful online campaign they had ever run with over 200,000 people tagged and tens of millions of impressions presented.

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